Patient Safety Advances with Health IT

The Importance of Patient Safety One of the top 10 leading causes of death is a result of adverse health effects [1]. Almost half of the adverse events can be prevented, especially with advances in health IT. Patient safety is used to categorize various methods of reducing risks and errors that patients may face while…

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Precision Health Advances with Health IT Solutions

Precision Health Advanced with Health IT Solutions

Purpose of Precision Health Precision health focuses on all aspects of disease prevention and treatment. This means that factors outside of a traditional doctor’s office, such as a patient’s lifestyle or environmental factors can also play into the treatment plan [1]. Furthermore, the family health history and current data from personal devices come together to…

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Getting Back to the Basics of Human-Centered Design

Doctor pointing for Human Centered Design

Human-Centered Design (HCD) Human-centered design is the process of creating systems that meet and adjust to functional requirements set by users [1]. The users can range from patients to doctors. This requires lots of communication so that requirements can be voiced and met as needed. Before developers start creating solutions and various systems, they need…

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Back to the Basics of Telemedicine

Telemedicine session going on

Telemedicine Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide remote health services to patients [1]. These remote services can include diagnoses, treatment, and educational resources that improve overall health. Telemedicine can be provided using smart devices such as computers, phones, and wearables. Ways Telemedicine is Delivered Telemedicine is usually delivered through the use of the…

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