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AI Through the Lens of Human-Centered Design

AI Enhances Clinical Decisions  The use of artificial intelligence is increasing in the healthcare industry. Its popularity is partly due to its ability to promote human-centered design. One way that artificial intelligence achieves this is through the use of clinical decision support systems (CDSS). For instance, CDSS enhances human…

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Shifting Towards Augmented Intelligence

Perception of Augmented Intelligence Augmented intelligence is known for its ability to improve diagnosis, detect patient patterns, and predict various outcomes [1]. Some adults worry that artificial intelligence will replace the need for humans and would be destructive to healthcare. However, it’s important to clarify that augmented intelligence improves…

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Augmented Intelligence Improves Functionality in Healthcare

Background of Augmented Intelligence The purpose of augmented intelligence in healthcare is to focus on how AI can improve care by supplementing human intelligence rather than replacing it. This is done by combining artificial intelligence with human intelligence to analyze trends, forecast risks, and optimize workflows. The functional goal…

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Smart Home Monitoring Integrates AI

Advances in Smart Home Monitoring with AI Patients with disabilities and older patients can benefit from AI monitoring homes via sensors and cameras [1]. For instance, AI can detect falls, dispense medications, and track a patient’s whereabouts as needed [1]. AI can also be paired with household machines like…

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Preparing the Aging Population for Emergency Situations

Current Readiness of Older Patients for Emergencies Older patients may feel like they are ready and prepared to handle an emergency situation, however, a poll showed that many lack the preparation needed to manage one [1]. For instance, some older patients have not signed up for notifications that a…

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Aging with the Help of Digital Health Solutions

Goals Regarding Aging and Digital Health Transformation The aging population can live longer and keep their independence thanks to advancements in healthcare and technology [1]. Furthermore, 93% of those surveyed disclosed the desire to age independently from their home, regardless of their income and age [1]. Therefore, digital health…

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