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Barriers that Must be Overcome to Reach Digital Health Capabilities

Social Barriers that Hinder Digital Health Capabilities The implementation of digital health capabilities is hindered by several barriers, with a portion revolving around social determinants. This is often due to factors such as digital literacy, social dynamics, access to technology, and human behavior. For instance, those 65 years and…

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Preparing the Aging Population for Emergency Situations

Current Readiness of Older Patients for Emergencies Older patients may feel like they are ready and prepared to handle an emergency situation, however, a poll showed that many lack the preparation needed to manage one [1]. For instance, some older patients have not signed up for notifications that a…

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Aging with the Help of Digital Health Solutions

Goals Regarding Aging and Digital Health Transformation The aging population can live longer and keep their independence thanks to advancements in healthcare and technology [1]. Furthermore, 93% of those surveyed disclosed the desire to age independently from their home, regardless of their income and age [1]. Therefore, digital health…

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Remote Patient Monitoring Predictions for 2023

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in 2022 In 2022, RPM technology was used to track health conditions in patients [1]. This allowed doctors to provide preventive care and manage different chronic conditions. Oftentimes, sensors tracked patient data such as weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, and more [1]. Patients with chronic…

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Telehealth Advances in 2023

Telehealth in 2022 Telehealth has been popular due to its convenience and potential for integrated care. In 2022, research showed that 85% of doctors surveyed reported that telehealth helped provide care in a timely manner [1]. Furthermore, telehealth promotes collaboration when it comes to patient care. For instance, caregivers…

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Back to the Basics of Telemedicine

Telemedicine Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide remote health services to patients [1]. These remote services can include diagnoses, treatment, and educational resources that improve overall health. Telemedicine can be provided using smart devices such as computers, phones, and wearables. Ways Telemedicine is Delivered Telemedicine is usually…

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