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In 2013 Ms. Hoyte founded Health Information Technology Solutions (HITS), LLC. HITS is a Service-Disabled Veteran, Woman, and Minority Owned Small Business that delivers quality health IT services to healthcare organizations within the federal, state, and local governments, as well as commercial healthcare organizations. However, Ms. Hoyte didn't actively pursue opportunities until 2018.

Creating HITS was a quality-of-life decision for Ms. Hoyte. She wanted to combine her passion for health IT with a work environment that was more health conscience and conducive for service-disabled veterans like herself and non-traditional workers. “I wanted to work without the stress of maintaining overall health in a workplace caught up in the office politics around teleworking. Creating HITS is about creating a flexible work environment that increases productivity and quality of life,” Hoyte explains.

Experience You Can Trust

As a service-disabled veteran with vast experience in federal health and health information technology, she knows various systems inside and out. She has a unique perspective on federal health. As an allied health care provider, she understands various workflows and serves as a bridge between the functional and technical health IT communities. She understands the need for the technology tools to manage information in a way that increases the efficiency and efficacy of care by making all pertinent health information accessible to providers and patients. As a consumer of federal health care and veteran advocate, she understand the patients' needs and frustrations - we/they want to ensure they are receiving the best possible care and require a system that is intuitive and easy to navigate. This is what health informatics is all about. This is what HITS provides.

Ms. Hoyte's varied clinical background in nursing, radiology, and healthcare administration, coupled with her tenacity and attention to detail, makes her an asset in the federal and commercial health IT industries.

For more on her professional background, visit my LinkedIn.

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We strive to infuse emotional intelligence into artificial intelligence, ensuring that technolog emphasizes with and responds to human emotions effectively. Through human-centered design principles, we aim to co-develop solutions that empower individuals, enhance well-being, and build more inclusive and compassionate societies.


To create a world where technology enhances human experiences, fosters empathy, and strengthens connections.

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