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Barriers that Must be Overcome to Reach Digital Health Capabilities

Social Barriers that Hinder Digital Health Capabilities The implementation of digital health capabilities is hindered by several barriers, with a portion revolving around social determinants. This is often due to factors such as digital literacy, social dynamics, access to technology, and human behavior. For instance, those 65 years and…

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Smart Home Monitoring Integrates AI

Advances in Smart Home Monitoring with AI Patients with disabilities and older patients can benefit from AI monitoring homes via sensors and cameras [1]. For instance, AI can detect falls, dispense medications, and track a patient’s whereabouts as needed [1]. AI can also be paired with household machines like…

by Rumaisa 5 min read
Preparing the Aging Population for Emergency Situations

Current Readiness of Older Patients for Emergencies Older patients may feel like they are ready and prepared to handle an emergency situation, however, a poll showed that many lack the preparation needed to manage one [1]. For instance, some older patients have not signed up for notifications that a…

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Unmasking The Fears of AI in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Professionals Fearful of Being Replaced By AI Artificial intelligence is constantly mentioned as the next step in advancing the healthcare industry. Therefore, it’s not surprising that 44% of healthcare professionals are afraid of being replaced by AI [1]. This is due to the automation that artificial intelligence provides,…

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Engagement and Employer Retention Increases with Health IT Technologies

The Importance of Engagement among Healthcare Staff Although patient engagement is an important topic in the healthcare industry, it’s also important to mention how crucial it is for providers and healthcare staff to be engaged in their roles and responsibilities. Oftentimes, physician engagement is linked with better-performing businesses, better…

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