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Project Manager

Must have experience managing Information Technology related projects. Must be well versed in life cycle and project management methodologies. Must have experience in tracking costs, schedule and performance progress. Must be able to identify and mitigate risks. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electronical Engineering or other Engineering or technical…

by Julie Hoyte 1 min

Has substantial expertise in a specific functional area. May direct analyses of requirements for information systems. May direct the design of adaptations to software. May be knowledgeable in process analysis techniques such as flowcharting, process mapping, benchmarking, and activity-based costing. May have subject matter expertise in areas such as…

by Julie Hoyte 1 min

Applies leadership in any phase of the system development life cycle support as task requirements dictate and may have a high level of expertise in one area. Plans, recommends, and performs changes. Utilizes an accomplished knowledge of multiple technical disciplines, unique applications, and business management practices to develop technical…

by Julie Hoyte 1 min

Functions as the highest-level individual contributor in at least one technical area. Utilizes expertise in business management practices, industry requirements and information technology disciplines to develop technical and/or business solutions to client problems. Has a high level of diverse technical and industry experience related to a specific skill set….

by Julie Hoyte 1 min
Maturity Models Promote Data Governance

Defining Maturity Models Maturity models in health IT promote customer experience and positive outcomes for patients and employees. Oftentimes, maturity models allow businesses to assess their goals and achievements in a productive way that promotes improvement [1]. Maturity models also allow companies to create a plan for organizing and…

by Rumaisa 5 min read
Getting Back to the Basics of Developing Health IT Solutions

The Importance of Functional Requirements Functional requirements are specific features that are specified by software developers so the users can complete the established objectives of the system [1]. Currently, software developers are failing to set functional requirements, which can lead to the software project failing. Consequently, software projects have…

by Rumaisa 6 min read