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Integrated Healthcare Challenges & Benefits

Intro to Integrated Healthcare Integrated healthcare is when a higher level of collaboration and communication is reached, often through the implementation of new technologies [1]. Furthermore, patients often need multiple team members from their care team to collaborate on the best course of action regarding their treatment plans. This makes integrated...

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Aging with the Help of Digital Health Solutions

Goals Regarding Aging and Digital Health Transformation The aging population can live longer and keep their independence thanks to advancements in healthcare and technology [1]. Furthermore, 93% of those surveyed disclosed the desire to age independently from their home, regardless of their income and age [1]. Therefore, digital health transformations must...

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Unmasking The Fears of AI in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Professionals Fearful of Being Replaced By AI Artificial intelligence is constantly mentioned as the next step in advancing the healthcare industry. Therefore, it’s not surprising that 44% of healthcare professionals are afraid of being replaced by AI [1]. This is due to the automation that artificial intelligence provides, and its...

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Resolving Health Equity Through Digital Health Solutions

Abstract            Digital health solutions have drastically increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients now have access to virtual care and healthcare providers 24/7, remote monitoring, and more. Unfortunately, these innovations often don't reach the low income, disabled, and older population. It is crucial that health IT companies and...

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