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Part 2: Diving Deeper into the Power of Connection

Introduction In Part 1, we introduced the importance of the power of connection and how fostering these connections can improve patient outcomes. We also discussed the importance of people, processes, and technology regarding connection. This article dives deeper into the transformative potential of connection and how people, processes, and technology rely...

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Part 1: Introduction to the Power of Connection in Healthcare

Introduction Often in healthcare, the importance of the power of connection is forgotten due to the importance of other factors such as process and technology. However, connection plays a major role in healthcare systems. Whether that connection is fostered between stockholders and healthcare professionals, or the connection is between patients and...

by Rumaisa 5 min read
Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Intro to Bias in AI AI in healthcare is becoming increasingly discussed due to its ability to enhance human intelligence. However, it’s important to discuss algorithm bias that reflects human biases found in care. Furthermore, it’s important to note that bias can exist not only in the algorithm but also in...

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Advances in Healthcare Predictions for 2023 - Recap

Overview of Key Issues Going into 2023 Recap Earlier this year, we anticipated that the healthcare industry would experience increased technologies promoting personalized and preventive patient care [1]. We also discussed critical topics such as bias towards minority groups, improved patient engagement, and increased collaboration in the healthcare sector [1]. This...

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Integrated Healthcare Challenges & Benefits

Intro to Integrated Healthcare Integrated healthcare is when a higher level of collaboration and communication is reached, often through the implementation of new technologies [1]. Furthermore, patients often need multiple team members from their care team to collaborate on the best course of action regarding their treatment plans. This makes integrated...

by Rumaisa 4 min read