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Digital Health Maturity Delivers Improved Health Outcomes

Background into Digital Health Maturity Digital health maturity clarifies the extent and level to which digital systems are structured and how they respond to digital technology [1]. Furthermore, digital health maturity focuses on how an organization promotes digital transformation throughout the organization [1]. Factors to consider when discussing digital…

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA) Promotes Data Management

Background into a VNA A vendor-neutral archive supports vendors often using various formats and systems for imaging technologies. Often, VNAs don’t depend on the software used by the vendor to promote sharing [1]. This allows healthcare providers to utilize different imaging technologies within one archive so that it can…

by Rumaisa 5 min read
Maturity Models Promote Data Governance

Defining Maturity Models Maturity models in health IT promote customer experience and positive outcomes for patients and employees. Oftentimes, maturity models allow businesses to assess their goals and achievements in a productive way that promotes improvement [1]. Maturity models also allow companies to create a plan for organizing and…

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Cloud Technology Predictions for 2023

Cloud Technology in 2022 Cloud technology is becoming more popular due to its ability to provide secure data management and storage. However, cloud technology still has a long way to go in improving the quality of care and providing a digital transformation that improves patient outlook. For instance, patient…

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Precision Health Predictions for 2023

Precision Health in 2022 Precision health uses biomarkers and genetics to create personalized treatment plans for patients, reduce adverse health effects, and provide some form of preventive care [1]. In 2022, healthcare continued to transition towards value-based care that benefits patients in the long term [1]. Furthermore, in the…

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Improving Patient Identification with Health IT Tools 

Patient Identification Patient identification links a patient’s medical record across various health systems [1]. This provides a complete view of a patient’s record which can be useful in preventing adverse health effects. Oftentimes, patient identification is done by linking different demographic information such as date of birth, name, and…

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