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Part 2: Diving Deeper into the Power of Connection

Introduction In Part 1, we introduced the importance of the power of connection and how fostering these connections can improve patient outcomes. We also discussed the importance of people, processes, and technology regarding connection. This article dives deeper into the transformative potential of connection and how people, processes, and technology rely...

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Virtual Reality Biases in Healthcare

Intro to Virtual Reality in Healthcare Virtual reality (VR) provides users with a virtual space for receiving care, from physical to mental therapy. This provides patients pain management, and virtual therapy, and can even be used to demonstrate virtual surgeries [1]. However, virtual reality also has biases that make it difficult...

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Biases in Remote Care Services

Intro to Biases in Remote Care Biases in remote care may arise from many barriers that limit patients’ access to digital technologies. Unfortunately, sometimes digital healthcare solutions are geared to favor certain demographics, and this can further worsen biases in care. For instance, patients who lack reliable internet or access to...

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Bias in Personalized Care Due to Ageism and Generational Gaps

Intro to Bias in Personalized Medicine Personalized medicine provides individual treatments to patients based on their genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. However, bias revolving around ageism and generational gaps can negatively impact certain populations by being misrepresented or having limited access to treatment plans. These stereotypes can lead to adverse...

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Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Intro to Bias in AI AI in healthcare is becoming increasingly discussed due to its ability to enhance human intelligence. However, it’s important to discuss algorithm bias that reflects human biases found in care. Furthermore, it’s important to note that bias can exist not only in the algorithm but also in...

by Rumaisa 5 min read
Advances in Healthcare Predictions for 2023 - Recap

Overview of Key Issues Going into 2023 Recap Earlier this year, we anticipated that the healthcare industry would experience increased technologies promoting personalized and preventive patient care [1]. We also discussed critical topics such as bias towards minority groups, improved patient engagement, and increased collaboration in the healthcare sector [1]. This...

by Rumaisa 7 min read