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Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Intro to Bias in AI AI in healthcare is becoming increasingly discussed due to its ability to enhance human intelligence. However, it’s important to discuss algorithm bias that reflects human biases found in care. Furthermore, it’s important to note that bias can exist not only in the algorithm but also in...

by Rumaisa 5 min read
Unmasking The Fears of AI in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Professionals Fearful of Being Replaced By AI Artificial intelligence is constantly mentioned as the next step in advancing the healthcare industry. Therefore, it’s not surprising that 44% of healthcare professionals are afraid of being replaced by AI [1]. This is due to the automation that artificial intelligence provides, and its...

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Innovations in Patient Engagement

Abstract Innovations in patient engagement have been significantly falling behind. Patients lack information on services they may need or the cost for them. Furthermore, the pandemic continues to have lasting effects on society even after years since it first appeared. Patients have been putting off seeing their primary care physician. This...

by Rumaisa 5 min read