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Part 1: Introduction to the Power of Connection in Healthcare

Introduction Often in healthcare, the importance of the power of connection is forgotten due to the importance of other factors such as process and technology. However, connection plays a major role in healthcare systems. Whether that connection is fostered between stockholders and healthcare professionals, or the connection is between patients and...

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Virtual Reality Biases in Healthcare

Intro to Virtual Reality in Healthcare Virtual reality (VR) provides users with a virtual space for receiving care, from physical to mental therapy. This provides patients pain management, and virtual therapy, and can even be used to demonstrate virtual surgeries [1]. However, virtual reality also has biases that make it difficult...

by Rumaisa 4 min read
2024 Predictions Regarding Healthcare Advancements

Last year, we predicted our critical hot topics for healthcare that we expected to advance throughout the year. Although we have come a long way in a short amount of time, there are still ways that technology will advance so that patients have better outcomes and increased engagement. This year,...

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Preparing the Aging Population for Emergency Situations

Current Readiness of Older Patients for Emergencies Older patients may feel like they are ready and prepared to handle an emergency situation, however, a poll showed that many lack the preparation needed to manage one [1]. For instance, some older patients have not signed up for notifications that a natural disaster...

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Back to the Basics of Telemedicine

Telemedicine Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide remote health services to patients [1]. These remote services can include diagnoses, treatment, and educational resources that improve overall health. Telemedicine can be provided using smart devices such as computers, phones, and wearables. Ways Telemedicine is Delivered Telemedicine is usually delivered through the use...

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