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Shifting Towards Augmented Intelligence

Perception of Augmented Intelligence Augmented intelligence is known for its ability to improve diagnosis, detect patient patterns, and predict various outcomes [1]. Some adults worry that artificial intelligence will replace the need for humans and would be destructive to healthcare. However, it’s important to clarify that augmented intelligence improves…

by Rumaisa 4 min read
Improving Provider Engagement with Innovative Data Analytics

Background Data Overload & Interoperability Issues Provider engagement creates strong relationships between hospitals and healthcare professionals that result in better health outcomes for patients. However, interoperability doesn’t stop at transferring and sharing data between hospitals and facilities. Healthcare professionals need the data to be translated into meaningful information. Over…

by Rumaisa 3 min read
Increased Provider Engagement Reduces Adverse Effects

Introduction Increasing provider engagement is crucial to improving overall health outcomes for patients. Currently, provider engagement is lacking. For instance, different departments often do not communicate with each other, which can lead to worse outcomes for patients. Furthermore, physicians may be overwhelmed with other tasks and forget to follow…

by Rumaisa 6 min read
Innovations in Patient Engagement

Abstract Innovations in patient engagement have been significantly falling behind. Patients lack information on services they may need or the cost for them. Furthermore, the pandemic continues to have lasting effects on society even after years since it first appeared. Patients have been putting off seeing their primary care…

by Rumaisa 5 min read