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Entrepreneur Top 3 Takeaways of the Program

I can breathe a sigh of relief! I experienced 14 intense weeks of the Goldman Sachs 2021 Spring: 10,000 Small Businesses National Cohort 15 – Section 1. GS10KSB provided this entrepreneur with the mindset and skillset which I will repeatedly apply to evaluate and potentially implement future opportunities. 

I found the following 3 topics to be the most beneficial:

  1. Growth & Opportunities – to determine how to best use my current competitive advantage with the tools I have, to identify, evaluate, and assess opportunities which support that advantage; in the short and long-term. Likewise, determine if these opportunities fit my personal goals.
  2. Money & Metrics –to project HITS financial statements to assess strategic scenarios, and manage proactively to stimulate growth.
  3. Marketing & Selling – to develop a sales process that builds HITS pipeline.

As an entrepreneur, the most valuable experience was creating HITS’ growth plan. I can view our growth opportunities, key success factors in preparation for my exit strategy, and the critical next steps. 

 This great opportunity was right on time! Happy to be connected with Goldman Sachs and its extraordinary network of small businesses.

 For more information on GS10KSB or HITS, please feel free to contact me.

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